Private Investigator Services, Phoenix AZ


Some defendants know the process serving world like the back of their hand. They’re familiar with how process servers operate, have the ability to duck and dodge the paperwork you need to have, and it’s all done in an effort to stall the case you have against them. Could you use a private investigator in Phoenix, AZ to help you find these difficult defendants so that they get their papers served to them in a timely, professional way? If so, The Phoenix Process Server has the tools and skills to help you for a fair, competitive price.

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A good private investigator in Phoenix, AZ, needs to know the true depths of the community to be effective. Our staff has over 20 years of experience in the Maricopa County area, providing a wide variety of process serving and investigative services for individuals, corporations, and law firms.

Could you benefit from having one of our commonly ordered services today?

Address Verification
Accurate Asset Information
Criminal Background Checks
Driving Records
Photography Services
Process Services
Surveillance Services
Vehicle Registration
Information Witness
Location Witness Statements

Why Choose a Private Investigation Company?

You could hire just about any private investigator to locate a witness or locate a defendant, but The Phoenix Process Server gives you the entire package. We can handle your case from start to finish! Once a defendant is located with our investigation services, we can then serve that defendant with your papers when you’ve given us a Declaration of Service. We can locate a witness and gather a statement immediately. We can take photographs of an accident scene, provide you with surveillance services, and locate people who are trying not to be found.

You may need a private investigator in Phoenix, AZ, but we can give you so much more! Call us today at (602) 615-5580 to find out how we could help you or your organization!